Energy Healing Research using Bio-Magnetic Energy


How I became interested in energy healing...

The year was 1980. I was working as an assistant chef under Executive Chef, Brother Ron Picarski. Brother Ron, a Francescan monk, was hired by the award winning Unicorn Village Restaurant in N. Miami Beach, Fl. after being awarded the Gold Medal in the Cooking Olympics held in Belgium. It was a real privilege to have worked with him. He used vegan creations to out do world class chefs.

I was also teaching natural healing part time and so another chef and friend told me of a scientist friend working in the field of “Bio-Magnetics”. This was beyond my comprehension then and so my friend brought me some very simple literature describing how certain vibrational energies are compatible with the human body’s natural frequencies and some vibrational energies are not compatible.

A year later, I was negotiating with a corporation planning to open a natural healing spa and resort on Miami Beach. I recommended using some of the energy healing equipment made by Dr. Louis Barbara of Alpha Energy Products, the scientist my chef friend introduced me to and who personally taught me the science behind his work. I was so impressed with the undeniable principles of truth behind Dr. Barbara’s work that I became a close friend and devotee of his ever since. Unfortunately, at this time, he is aging and his research in energy healing may not be fully appreciated in his lifetime.

A scientific principle...

Dr. Barbara taught me that: Everything in our cosmos, everything in our solar system, everything in or on the planet earth has a frequency, which he called “Resonance”. A frequency can be a number that indicates how many cycles per second (hertz) any object is vibrating. And, believe it or not, everything is vibrating. A rock, for instance, has a frequency but the molecules that comprise a rock are usually moving imperceptibly slow.

Dr. Louis Barbara was hired as an electrical engineer by Bell Laboratories in the 1940’s to work in vacuum tube research. He is reputed to have discovered the phenomenon of “white noise”. He learned to measure frequencies and built (in a home lab) several rudimentary instruments that he used to treat various ailments of friends by using electrical energy or frequency as a healing energy...thus validating the theory of an “energy healing.”

An illustration of how it works...

An excellent example of vibrational resonance is the tuning fork and the piano tuner. The tuning fork has a built in frequency or vibration of resonance when struck. The piano tuner keeps adjusting the tension of each string so that the note struck is in harmonic resonance with the specific tuning fork. Eventually, when the string is “tuned” and the note is struck, the tuning fork will vibrate on its own through resonance. When the piano is in tune, it is putting out sound at its full potential.

Our bodies get out of tune...

When our bodies are “out of tune”, we are like storage batteries that are wearing out. The body is exactly like a storage battery with a built in charger. The human body is 80% water with electrolytes that need constant charging to keep all components working harmoniously.

Our “body battery” functions best when it is able to receive the natural energy from the molten magnetic core of our planet Earth and the cosmic energy from the sun and Solar System and beyond. We also are recharged by constant chemical reactions in our body resulting from breathing clean air and eating vital foods...all part of an energy healing process.

Dr. Barbara determined that the natural harmonic frequencies of a healthy human body correspond to frequencies found in nature including visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile. In today’s modern world, we are being constantly exposed to man made frequencies, resonance and vibrations that are not compatible with a healthy body, such as microwaves, artificial light, electrical appliances and power lines. In addition, we tend to insulate ourselves from natural healthy energy by using concrete, rubber soled shoes, carpeting and man-made fiber clothing. Eating energy dead food and the negativity of our thoughts also contribute to a body electric that is “out of tune”.

Harvesting energy frequencies for healing...

When two wires, each conducting some kind of electrical energy, are placed parallel to each other, the space between the wires contains a magnetic or energy field. Dr. Barbara realized that the brain produces delta, theta, alpha and beta waves of energy, but alpha energy ranging from 8-10 cycles per second (hertz) is the optimum frequency for the healing change. Using the alpha energy as a baseline and adding the frequencies or cycles per second (hertz) of the colors of the visible light spectrum, primarily red, orange, yellow, green, blue, lavender and violet, Dr. Barbara began building devices which would use these frequencies in parallel to produce a "pulsating magnetic field." Furthermore, he was able to isolate negative, positive and biphasic or neutral magnetic fields for specific energy healing uses.

Why color vibration?

Dr. Barbara has concluded that the vibratory rates of the colors of the visible light spectrum are compatible to our body’s organ, gland and electrical systems. When the body is subjected to frequencies over the alpha baseline, the body is gently guided into a matching vibration by resonance much like the tuning fork vibrating when the note of the same pitch is struck on the piano.

Now, the above information may be confusing at first read. It took me many readings of Dr. Barbara’s theories to finally grasp what he was talking about and this was only the beginning. Finally, after many visits from Arkansas where I was living beginning in 1983, I agreed to have Dr. Barbara build for me the first “Soma Mag Energy Regeneration System” based upon a prototype I experienced in his lab. This energy healing equipment may soon be available for our students to experience at our new location in Belize.

To my knowledge, this first piece of equipment is a one of a kind, as no others were built like it. There is so much information on this subject to relate that it will have to be added in several sections, over some time, on this website. Please return for further updates....For the serious researcher, we may offer a downloadable manual on just this topic alone.

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Besides requiring a source of "healing energy", the condition of the human body is effected by many other influences

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