My Mission: To Teach Others How To Be Healed Naturally of Cancer, etc...

Altogether, Earth's mission seems to be one of preventing and overcoming disaster. We and our planet are in crisis…Christians see this period to be just the beginning of the “end times”. However, it doesn’t take a Biblical scholar or a scientist to know that we are in trouble. Our mission is to teach the necessary health and survival techniques for this 21st century… not just by concepts but by way of personal experience.

Since I have cured myself of cancer and counseled hundreds of others, it continues to be my passion to share this proven knowledge. We, as responsible individuals, can make the choice to be empowered naturally to improve and sustain our own health without giving control to others and resorting to methods that may take their own toll on our bodies as well as our finances.

Our purpose is to disseminate information among people desiring to make better personal choices for their own health and the health of their families hopefully affecting generations to come and the health of our planet. Our intent is to be open-minded to all known methods of natural healing that lend themselves to the self-help (self-administered) concept while relying on truths of the Bible and to link Natural Healing Research Associates with similar researchers worldwide.

It is our opinion that modern “Western” medicine should be used only for trauma and that maintaining health is a personal lifestyle. This concept requires a re-education. Our purpose is to teach and learn.

Dr. Morris F. Keller


If you would like to help us to help others, then please donate to our cause...

Your valuable contribution will enable us to provide for the needy here in Belize who can not afford to purchase what is necessary for them to do this healing program. This is a poor country where most people eat only what is readily available (rice, beans, chicken) and rarely spend the money for a proper diet of plenty of vegetables for themselves and their families.

You have our promise that any contributed funds will be used wisely and for the sole purpose of healing the sick.

Thank you,

Rose Keller

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