Learn Self-Help Natural Cleansing and Healing Techniques

We teach a unique self-help healthcare program with proven natural techniques that are combined in unison to get at the root cause of cancer or any illness and rejuvenate your own body's immune system as designed by God for optimum health.


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A Home Study Program of Natural-Healing and Detoxification...

Taught to you by

Dr. Morris F. Keller


We do not sell any product, supplement or remedy on this website or otherwise. If you are looking for the newest "packaged" answer to your health problem, you will not find it here. We provide a training manual and personal coaching only...for our enrolled students.

The self-help terminology that we use implies that the program is self-administering - no one can do it for you. If it be God's will, He can heal you instantly. If not, then God will work with you and guide you to make the necessary choices in life that will set you free of illness.

Using natural techniques YOU have the ability to encourage God's own creation to produce healing within and overcome the ill effects of...cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart and circulatory illness, high blood pressure/cholesterol,candida (yeast infection), Epstein-Barr, chronic fatigue, premature aging,obesity, and almost any illness known to man.

You will discover ……

• Independence from mainstream medicine

• Wellness & renewed life pleasure

• Imminent satisfaction from a balanced diet

• Healthy and tasty food preparation

• A huge savings from the reduction of medical bills

• Natural techniques will do you no harm and…

• You have the knowledge and the ability to make a difference in the lives of friends and your loved ones through your own example..

As a medical doctor, I chose a natural healing...

Having learned from my own personal experience with colon and pancreatic cancer over 40 years ago, I chose to depart from my career as a physician/surgeon and continue to share, instead, with countless others the self-help techniques that I had researched and used to cure myself with help from God and live a healthful life (now, 82 years of age).

Both my father and his father were also physician/surgeons and followed “modern medicine” protocols when diagnosed with this same cancer of the colon and pancreas and soon after died. I chose a different path...one without drugs and surgery that is intrusive to ones body and depletes your natural immune system.

Thus, I encourage others to take back their power and take personal responsibility for the health of the body you have been gifted with rather than financing a medical field that only treats symptoms instead of eliminating the cause.

What can you do?

There are no magic bullets or overnight cures…one must take the time and invest their own energy in themselves and want to make themselves well just as I and so many others have done. You can too!

We offer an original training manual with step by step instructions for the self-help student - one who recognizes the divine role that God plays in enabling our body to heal itself - along with personal support via telephone and/or email. Our synergistic/holistic program combines the essence of proven protocols developed by Drs. Max Gerson, William Donald Kelley, Bernard Jensen and Carey Reams.

In addition, we utilize ancient and advanced methods designed for body detoxification and to stimulate the immune system. Colon cleansing is a key factor in the prevention and the elimination of all cancer and disease.

Detoxification and rebuilding at the cellular level are the goals of our program achieved by special colon cleansing techniques, proven supplements, and diet and lifestyle modification. We have no financial interest in any suggested product or company and there is nothing that we teach that we do not personally incorporate into our own lifestyle and into the lifestyle of hundreds of former students.

Natural Self-Help and Detoxification Techniques have undergone the test of time...

We welcome you to explore this site for more in-depth understanding and insight as to how our natural organ, tissue and colon cleansing and restorative healing program will work for you, tailored to each individual with personal coaching

by me, Dr. Morris F. Keller.