7 Day Intensive Detoxification Cleanse

Achieve detoxification with juice fasting, special colon cleansing and supplements carefully selected.

“Synergy” means the interaction of two or more forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects...

Why do we do a 7-day intensive?

Our modified intensive cleansing program is a synergistic combination of the essence of proven modern and ancient techniques. I believe that there is something special about a 7 day cleanse. “Seven” is considered by many as the number of Deity, such as the seven day creation etc. Many researchers believe that the body attempts to replace every cell every 7 years...

In regard to intestinal and tissue cleansing, we have found that many more beneficial results occur from the 4th – 7th day of an intensive detoxification program, than occur on the 1st -3rd days. Mucous linings in our intestinal tract need to be eliminated before the encrusted old fecal matter lodged in the folds and kinks can be loosened and flushed out. These pockets of putrefaction are the beginnings of polyps, cancer, multiple disease entities and finally death. This thickened wall prevents our body from absorbing the nutrition it needs to be healthy and the build up of harmful toxins leak into our blood stream. Thus, our immune system is compromised.

From my many years of experience, I know that it takes several 7 day intensive cleanses to detoxify and begin to eliminate years of buildup.

What happens after the 7 days?

In between each of the recommended 7-day cleanses attention is paid to maintaining and improving the body’s ph chemistry, eliminating parasites and candida (yeast). Intensive detoxification of the colon will remove the “good” as well as the unwanted “bad” bacteria inside of our body, thus, we balance our program with the replacement of “good” bacteria as well. All of these factors must be addressed and play a critical role in diminishing our body’s ability to heal itself. A healthy immune system is a strong defense.

Generally speaking, I recommend a 7-day program with breaks in between because this is what was taught to me and it works...why mess with success? Each student that I work with will have unique requirements and circumstances and I pay close attention to what they and their body results are telling me. Together we determine what may work best for that individual due to physical and/or time restraints.

Get the supportive coaching you need...

Intensive cleansing and detoxification is not for the novice to attempt without careful study and supervision. Toxins may be dumped too rapidly causing toxemia. Very careful dietary plans must be adhered to in order to maintain energy levels which are essential for healing to occur. The proven procedures and training schedules we teach are designed to prevent complications plus our personal coaching keeps you on top of every situation that may occur.

Our book provides you with the necessary information to complete a successful program on your own. However, most serious readers still have questions while experiencing a cleansing or while striving to overcome a serious illness...Thus, we are available to coach students or to assist you first-hand should you desire to come to Jamaica for a Jamaican Health Retreat.

Whether you feel good or really terrible...

Last, but not least, a 7-day cleanse can benefit everyone. This program is not just for the seriously ill.

Why wait until you really become sick?

No matter how healthy you think you are, you can only get better...

My wife and I make a point of doing a maintenance-cleanse at least once or twice a year. For those of you who are suffering, it works best to begin this program before your body has already been compromised by drugs, radiation or surgery (requiring extra detoxification). But, if you feel that you have no where else to turn after “modern” medicine hasn’t worked for you, then I am inclined to say that there is still hope if you can approach this program with vigor and the determination to be well again.

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