Self-indulgence Inhibits Good Health...What Promotes Change?

A society of self-indulgence increases ones resistance to choosing a healthy lifestyle.

I was born in the 1930’s and grew up through high school, pre-med and a year of med school during the forties and fifties (graduated 1963). Status and possessions were the measure of a person’s worth in that era and even more so today. My role models and heroes smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol - exhibiting self-indulgence. I became the ultimate “success, money driven, consumer” and until faced with a diagnosis of cancer, I was living the “American Dream”.

Until we become very uncomfortable with our existence, no one wants to change anything about their lifestyle and I was no exception… The 1960’s were a time of radical change both historically and personally…I began to question everything just as I had as a small child but this time I would not be pacified with the untruths we are fed from birth.

Our Student Manual is as close to what I believe to be the current honest truth (except, of course, for the Bible) as I can possibly make it. There is nothing that we - my wife and I, selected coaches and students - teach that we have not personally experienced and incorporated into our daily life. By personal and then student trial, every program taught has stood the test of time and produces good health.

My Philosophy...

The first thing that I can remember being taught in my first class at medical school was, “First of all, do no harm”. This mantra is always the first consideration in our teaching.

A word of caution is not to chase too many rabbits at the same time. By this, I mean we are bombarded daily with marketing of the latest supplement or health plan. In my opinion, most vitamins and supplements are no substitute for a proper diet and lifestyle, following cleansing and restoring the body.

The methods taught herein are synergistic, meaning that we discourage picking and choosing. We implore you to learn and employ every method taught for a minimum of 90 days initially and experience how one program enhances the other. Once you experience the benefits, you will discover the increased desire to make new and healthy lifestyle changes for yourself with very little effort. The term "self-indulgence" will take on a new meaning as well - one in which you choose to indulge in and appreciate all the healthier choices and not the ones that make you sick.

Please read my thoughts on other influences on wellness and the insurance factor. Each plays a significant role in our choosing to be healthy.

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