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We will then contact you by email with a phone number and time to call to speak with me - Dr. Morris F. Keller – personally, here in Belize, if desired.

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A personal interview (initial FREE consultation) by telephone or in person with me, Dr. Keller, is required to determine your eligibility for enrolling as a student. A candid dialogue via email is also acceptable. A 90 day enrollment/commitment is necessary if you are accepted. I know that if you will agree to stick with this program, it will produce results for you.

During this 90 day enrollment... you will be required to learn and employ several 7-day intensive tissue cleansing programs including special colon enemas, fresh vegetable juices and supplements. In between intensive cleanses, you will learn and employ other natural cleansing techniques to balance ph, eliminate yeast and parasites, clean organ and gland systems, practice healthy meal preparation and modify lifestyle.

We do not publish testimonials. However, if you are accepted as a student, we will put you in touch with a recent student (with their permission) whom we have helped with a similar health problem if you ask.

Our goal is to help you to get started on the right path to wellness and educate you to be self-sufficient and non-dependent on us unlike physicians that keep you coming back for more tests and visits at your expense.

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As a student in our 90 day program, you will receive unlimited consultation time via email or telephone (during specified hours at your expense and receive our student manual ebook at no additional charge.

Once approved, we will send you a Paypal invoice via email for $360.00 U.S.

After your initial consultation you will receive personalized instruction to go with your Manual which also contains suggestions as to where to obtain necessary supplements and supplies to help you get started.

“I am not in the business of selling any products and I only include those products that I deem absolutely necessary for this program to work”

After 90 days...all serious students who have been dedicated to our program and have maintained a constructive dialogue with us while keeping their own personal records when advised to do so, will be entitled to continued consultations as needed at no additional charge...In other words, if you take us seriously, we will take you seriously. Our goal is to help others get well and not to be self serving.

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Contains information from our website

    PLUS complete instructions on:

  • pH balance and eating for health along with healthy food preparation
  • 7-Day Intensive Cleanse & Maintenance Program
  • How to take a coffee enema
  • All-Organ Detoxification
  • Template for weekly diary
  • Ancient Healing Techniques

BUY IT NOW...for $10.00

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Kathryn Mandel on your PayPal invoice}

Upon receipt of payment we will email download instructions

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For anyone desiring to just purchase our Manual, you are welcome to do so....Should you decide later that you want and need our support, you may then purchase our 90-day Consultation program for $360.00 after filling out our enrollment form and acceptance by Dr. Keller.

We are interested in working with serious students who have made a sincere commitment to turn their life around.


C. Purchase our ebook now and later choose periodic personal coaching...

If your health situation is NOT critical and you have enough confidence (after the purchase of this Student Manual) to get started yourself and be able to manage your own wellness program, Dr. Keller will then make himself available to you at an hourly rate of $45.00 upon completion of an enrollment form. We will respond by email and send you an invoice via PayPal.

Other expenses will vary per individual and include enema supplies, required supplements, fresh organic vegetables for juicing (whenever possible) and may include the need of a quality juicer and/or water purifier.

(Remember, a quality juicer and/or water purifier is a lifetime investment)

More on coaching....

My wife, Rose, is also available as a supportive coach for women. Together, we have walked this path of wellness for over 18 years and practice everything that we tell others to do to help themselves. No products are recommended without first trying them ourselves. In other words…”we walk the talk”.

I hope this “Get Started” page covers all of the basics for you so that we can utilize the time on the phone wisely and discuss your specific concerns and questions when you call me.

Obviously, this path won’t appeal to everyone since it requires effort, commitment and lifestyle changes that you must be prepared to make, either with or (in some cases) without the support of others.

Are you up for the task of a

natural healing?

Get started by first partnering with God for He is the ultimate healer...Learn His truths as to how the human body needs to be in balance, loved and nurtured to be in good health.

It is really quite easy once you put

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