“Education, not medication” is my motto. Daily, I read news items online that I find to be false and/or misleading. Occasionally, some articles are actually insightful and encouraging - leading one towards a healthful lifestyle. But, all too often, something is missing. So, what we read in the news is mostly half-truths that don’t tell the whole story. This blog will hopefully provide you with some of those missing pieces – my insights, based on a lifetime of education and discovery.

Postings by Dr. Morris F. Keller

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Unless you live very remotely or have a hearing loss like myself, you are being bombarded with sound. Since sounds waves produce a vibration, our bodies are being constantly subjected to an external force that affects our physical and mental well-being.

Whether it be music, household appliances, wifi, cars, trucks or just the ‘noise of the city’, there are constant distractions during our everyday activities that does not allow for regeneration of our mental and physical self.

Setting aside all activities twice daily for a minimum of 30 minutes or more reserved for your personal ‘quiet time’ can produce amazing results. First, you must make the commitment to do it. Then, you need to find your special place where outside influences can be ignored or blocked out.

You might have several ‘special places’ for your daily quiet time either indoors or outside - it can be sitting in a comfortable chair or on a walking path, just as long as being there allows you to relax and let go of everything on your mind and become just a witness like sitting on a cloud, observing life below you but not a participant.

This takes practice for most and deriving the most from your quiet time depends on your ability to be quiet enough to allow new ideas to briefly appear in your mind. Keep a small notepad handy and quickly jot down any interesting thought that comes to you during your quiet time. At the end of each day go back and read what you wrote often for either a good laugh, no clue to the meaning or a really great thought to be pursued.

Another vital way to spend your quiet time is to do absolutely nothing but breathe deeply of fresh air and stretch. One of my daily quiet times is a jog on my Needak Rebounder while looking out our balcony at the mountains. Another is in my ‘ergonomic’ chair with my feet propped up looking out a window above our garden and seeing a mini jungle on the adjoining property.

A ‘spiritual teacher’ (aka guru) we once knew used to say that we ‘civilized’ humans have ‘monkey minds’ that are always busy, busy, busy. Quiet time and quieting the mind is a skill that we all need to employ for physical and mental renewal each day. Try it, you’ll like it.

Thank you for reading, considering and sharing…be blessed, Morris


Unless you are in the wealthiest percentage of the population, for most people their biggest financial investment is in a home or business. Once we have ownership, thereupon begins the carefully planned upkeep and maintenance to protect your investment and retain or grow its value.

The same can be said about the second biggest investment for most people and that is their car/vehicle. Once again this investment requires serious maintenance and upkeep in order to not only retain its value but also for it to operate efficiently and reliably.

Most often ignored is the greatest investment we are all blessed with and that is life…People who hire others to maintain their homes, businesses and vehicles often have very little knowledge about the inner workings just as those who patronize doctors know or care very little about how their body works.

Life is a precious gift that needs special care and maintenance. The best investment we can ever make is in ourselves…We would never allow the wrong fuel to be put into our vehicles nor the wrong power supply for our homes and businesses, yet most people fuel the wondrous body with junk food.

As natural health coaches, we often hear, “Oh, I can’t afford to buy organic and expensive foods”. How can you make food your medicine if it is not affordable?”. Here is the answer, but first a question. How much to you spend each month or year on health insurance and/or medical bills/Rx drugs?

Obviously, if you spent much less or nothing on health insurance and medical/prescription bills, you would have enough money to fuel the precious investment in your body properly enough to maintain good health and eliminate illness. Are you willing to learn how to become your own doctor and take charge of your health?


Thanks for reading, considering and sharing…be blessed, Morris


No, I am not talking about a legal document from which many have bestowed or gained inherited wealth, but the inner force that directs or drives our actions. Where does this force come from and do we use it wisely? What does the term, “free will” really mean?

There is no doubt that every day and even every moment we are faced with choices. What determining factors do we use to make simple choices and much more difficult ones? However, there seems to be a different mental process between making choices and using our will. There is some inner driving energy or force that comes into play when we use our will.

Surely, we must consider that since our initial development in the womb of our mother, we have been subjected to various stimuli having a lasting impression and influence on our thoughts and actions. Most all of us have witnessed a child that does not wish to go along with what it is being offered at the moment. This display of independent temperament can occur as early in life as during breast feeding, or anytime thereafter, which has become known as the ‘wilful child’.

I believe that using our will stretches our limits by thinking outside the box imposed by present society. This energy force called “our will” brings options as to how and when to use it. The earliest example might be the will of a healthy fetus to be birthed and we can all remember early life situations when we summoned up some inner strength to overcome physical or mental fatigue and we willed ourselves to finish the task.

Scientific research says that we do not seem to use certain areas of our brain which also confesses that science has not figured out how those areas are meant to contribute to our mental abilities. I believe that we can will ourselves to die. I have seen it happen. Conversely, we can will ourselves to live. I have seen that happen also.

“What man can conceive, he can achieve”. A visual image or a mental idea is the spark that ignites our will to go forward. The origin of the image or idea is another interesting topic to explore also. If we can sell ourselves that the idea or image has merit, then we begin to accumulate enough ammunition to exert our will and make something happen.

The type of wilful action which I am interested in discussing is not only the reflex actions that force us to save ourselves from danger, but also the energy force or will, in order to accomplish extraordinary feats. Since my main mission is to research and teach natural healing, it has become evident that we can will ourselves to be sick and we can will ourselves to be well…continued in next blog.

Having the “Will” to Heal Naturally

In our present-day society illness is rewarded. Illness can bring outpourings of love, affection and attention missing from a ‘hum drum’ life. Illness allows us to give our troubles to an ‘expert’ and absolve ourselves of taking responsibility and if we have enough money or insurance to pay the medical bills, we can relax. This approach to illness which allows the ‘experts’ to treat your symptoms but ignore the causes that will shorten your life. However, if you have ‘the will, there is the way’ for you to heal yourself of illness and increase your longevity.

Using your mind as a tool and your will as the energy force, consider the following basic formula:

1. The first and most important consideration is, do I want to make the effort to extend my life and for what purpose? The purpose is your personal vision that will provide the spark of energy to fuel your will to overcome any obstacle. The purpose should not be as much about self-preservation as living for a ‘Higher’ more worthwhile purpose.

2. In order for you to achieve, you must learn and accept new concepts so that you can first conceive of the new ideas. It is essential that you learn a basic understanding of how your body is constructed and how it is designed to work. This will give you the foundation to learn next, why you get sick and lastly, to learn how to heal yourself of illness using proven natural methods. Internet web searches can provide you with more than enough creditable information.

3. Aside from a traumatic injury, birth defect or sudden exposure to toxic substance, you must now accept and own that your diet and lifestyle was more than likely the major cause of your present illness. Some blame could be attributed to the diet of your birth mother and years of home cooking, but at some point, one must accept personal responsibility.

4. Once you have the knowledge and can conceive of the way to reverse your illness and premature aging, the next step to ignite the full potential of your will is done by making and keeping commitments not only to yourself but to a ‘Higher Power’. The force of your will is directly proportional to your FAITH. “Faith can move Mountains” and is the partner of your will to keep your commitment and heal yourself of illness.

5. Self-healing of illness is not a ‘walk in the park’. Because the process begins with internal cleansing/detoxification, there are days of discomfort and self- doubt that take a strong will to overcome. One needs the faith which comes from necessary pre-education that will explain and assist in their acceptance of this natural path of healing.

6. Exerting your will to take charge of your health and life is the beginning of self-empowerment that can not only heal you of illness but also open parts of your brain to new ideas and visions. (See “A Tool for Creative Thinking below)

A Tool for Creative Thinking…continued from above

Now, here is another way to use your will and unused areas of your brain for any purpose. If you are new to this discipline, then please write everything down either on paper or a Word document etc…after much practice, you will develop the ability to do this just mentally…create three columns or sections for writing. The heading of the first section is: Goals, Ideas, Visions (number each entry). The second heading is Obstacles that prevent proceeding with the first column entry. Lastly, the third heading is “Overcoming Obstacles” which you have listed in the second column. This process forces new creative thinking. The objective is to think outside the box no matter how unconventional it seems. “The Will Is the Way”.

Thank you for reading, considering and sharing…keep the faith and be blessed, Morris


The mega industry of ‘Insurance” has become a debilitating addiction that needs to be broken. Realistically speaking, buying ‘Insurance”, is a form of gambling or Lottery. The buyer believes there will be a need for insurance to cover costs and the seller needs to pay out less than it takes in to survive financially.

Buying “Health Insurance” not only helps to remove the stress of conventional medical costs but also it encourages dependence on the Medical/Insurance/Pharmaceutical industries for personal healthcare. The so called “womb to the tomb” marketing of the modern health industry, has resulted in a lack of personal responsibility for self-health maintenance.

Presently, most governments are wrestling with how to offer comprehensive health insurance to their citizens that is affordable when costs are dramatically rising. The answer is simple. People need to be taught from birth how to maintain good health. What is needed is ‘Education Not Medication” and that, “Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And our Medicine Should Be Our Food”.

Unfortunately, ‘fake/junk’ foods have so permeated society that diet and lifestyle is the major cause of illness. This translates to the fact that most all illness is self-induced and can be overcome by removing the cause not by treating the symptom with drugs, surgery or other procedures that weaken resistance and immunity.

The answer for Government Healthcare is to offer Accident/Disability Insurance to protect us from the high cost of repairing our body from a traumatic injury and Self-Help Health Education to prevent most illnesses. This type of program would dramatically lower premiums for many and reduce the need for “Womb to the Tomb” health insurance. Conventional healthcare insurance could still be purchased privately or as an added cost government option.

Now is the time to break the mold of looking to Government for all things, especially our health and well-being. Thank you for reading, considering and sharing with others…Be blessed, Morris


The word ‘roots’ brings to my mind the portion of flora that is beneath the ground bringing up nutrients to the host. I must confess that the word ’roots’ also brings back memories of a book by Alex Haley and a much-acclaimed TV miniseries about ancestry, both of which I immensely enjoyed many years ago.

Where did we come from and where are we going? What are our roots? If we could trace our ancestry as far back as when human beings first inhabited our planet Earth, the same essentials of survival were needed then as they are now. Without fresh clean air, water and food, life on Earth would not be possible.

Let us jump ahead thousands of years from our hunter/gatherer/nomadic beginnings to the next phase of survival, rudimentary agriculture. This shift in thought and lifestyle required not only permanent residence but also land that could be made productive and organized labor to make it happen. The only way that this shift could have evolved was via the concept of the ‘Family Farm’.

In my humble opinion, the ‘Family Farm’ was and should be the ‘backbone’ or foundation of any sustainable society. You do not have to be a psychologist to realize where our core values of ‘right and wrong’ come from. Whatever genetic model our ovum was conceived with, it then was subjected to adapting to its’ environment as it matured from fetus to adult.

Family farming meant that all living under one roof or on one piece of land work together for the common good. Learning to love, respect and nurture the land entrusted to the family was Job One. Without ‘Mother Earth’, there is no farm, no food and no survival. All residents were needed for the daily labor and those who were too young were taught basic skills via home schooling.

Our ‘modern society’ evolved when the lure of high wages working in urban factories producing weapons for the war industries, pulled labor from the farm to the city. The fortunes of the titans of industry were further magnified converting chemicals for warfare into chemicals for commercial agriculture and factory farming and then pharmaceutical medicine.

Once we leave the principles of God and Country behind us and take up more liberal urban values, what is the result? The best way I can give you a word picture to remember is to ask you to recall if you have ever seen a misbehaved child often referred to as a ‘brat’? Have you ever been annoyed by the antics of an undisciplined youngster while the parents seemed to care less? Or, on the other hand perhaps you subscribe to the modern theory that ‘Permissiveness brings out creativity ‘?

The family farm is the nursery, kindergarten, and elementary school that teach us how to love the earth, love each other and how to work together for the common good, all of which is found lacking in today’s societies....(to be cont.)


What I am advocating is a return to the values taught by family farming. Where does your food come from? Was it grown with integrity? Was it grown on carefully nurtured land? Was it raised with love? The world needs more family farms and less factory farms Sustainable small-time agriculture needs to be reborn and nurtured.

Now, I certainly am not suggesting that all leave the city and go back to the land. That would be a disaster since most are ill-trained for rural life. But a return to the values of the family farm would surely make for a better world. The permissive, undisciplined, amoral lifestyle of most people and governments which placate rather than educate in order to control needs re-vamping. The ‘Brats’ need discipline and so do governments.


Our senses have been dulled by scents. Our society demands we ‘smell good’ and just like modern medicine, we treat the symptom not the cause.

How many products that are in your immediate environment are scented? Don’t forget to include toilet paper and facial tissue, laundry soap and fabric softener, cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants, bath soap and hair conditioners, cleaning agents and air deodorizers etc. etc….

We have become more fixated at ‘smelling good’ than realizing what damage artificial scents cause to our bodies. Why do we cover up body odor instead of cleansing our body so that it will smell clean and healthy, not perfumed?

Just like an overfull septic tank, our digestive/elimination system becomes overloaded with putrid material and gives off odor. Death and illness begin in our Colon which is the bodies ‘sewer system’. If you smell bad, you are toxic and your Colon and tissues are overloaded.

What is the solution? The solution is education on how to detoxify and purify your body free from odor and disease. The solution is education on the harm caused by artificial scents—toxic chemicals which we breathe into our lungs and absorb through our skin.

Does this make sense to you? The link below will educate you more about scent:

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Many years ago before most of us were born, the US and other aligned nations suffered through a most difficult period called “The Great Depression”. Jobs and wages were scarce and most food became unaffordable for many. This especially was true for new immigrants mostly from Europe escaping the first ‘World War’.

Daily food choices were limited for those with only a ‘nickel’ or 5 cents to spend for a nourishing meal. Street peddlers provided much sustenance with two very popular items, the apple and the pickle, each costing a nickel. One of the most popular songs of that era began with the words ”my ma gave me a nickel to buy a pickle, I didn’t buy a pickle, I bought some ‘chewing gum’.”

Chewing gum started in ancient times when the benefits of chewing the inner bark of some trees produced a therapeutic effect. Willow and Sweet gum were some of the favorites. From those simple beginnings, Wrigley made a fortune creating, selling and marketing the flavored chewing gums we know today. Unfortunately, this pernicious habit has a long term negative effect to our health.

Digestion of food begins in the mouth, not in the stomach. Our bodies are designed to release several needed digestive enzymes from salivary glands located in the gums of our mouths, released by the thorough chewing and squeezing action before drinking liquid. When we continually chew the valueless gum sold today, our stomach is continuously bathed by the steady drip of these enzymes producing an unhealthy environment in our digestive tract leading to many illnesses.

Most people chew gum for two reasons, to relieve tension and sweeten breath. How can you break this bad habit? Eating foods that require thorough chewing before swallowing produces a healthy digestive tract and relieves tension. A drop of peppermint oil placed on the tongue will assure you of better breath but bad breath comes from improper digestion of acidic foods.

Gum chewers do not chew their food enough but wash it down quickly with liquid which dilutes the digestive juices. Chewing gum constantly is a seriously bad habit that needs to be stopped. Yesterday, I was dismayed to see a dental assistant setting a bad example by chewing away on gum while working at the dental office. Chewing gum is not only unattractive but harmful to your health...Be blessed, Morris


During ancient times when people met someone for the first time and trust was questionable, holding out an open hand with the palm up showed a lack of concealed weapons. I do not know how this custom evolved into the modern ‘handshake’, but the ‘pressing of the flesh’ has become universally accepted as a form of greeting.

Presently, as I recover from fighting a virus, my question is how did I acquire it? My preventive health lifestyle over many years has paid big dividends so much so that, I cannot remember the last time a virus or any illness debilitated me. The conclusion I have drawn is that I acquired my present illness from shaking hands.

Many other cultures much older than ours, long ago must have known that illness can be transmitted via hand to hand contact. The polite nodding of the head or bowing insures protection against infections transmitted by skin contact. Modern day ‘hip hop’ cultures must have figured this out also and use the tapping of the closed fist in greeting.

Where has the hand you are shaking been previously? Was it wiping one’s nose, using the bathroom without thorough washing or contacting other hands and passing on germs? I am constantly amazed how most shake hands and then go eat without thorough washing. New and old strains of viruses are appearing globally. Personal hygiene is our first line of defence. I can vividly remember my mother asking me if I washed my hands after using the toilet.

Please note, dear friends, I am putting you on notice that I will not be shaking your hand (should the opportunity arise) not because I do not like you, but for self-health protection. I suggest you do the same.

Thank you for reading, considering and sharing…be blessed, Morris


Even though I am considered elderly, I still appreciate an attractive woman. Let me make an immediate disclaimer. I have no urges to dabble in infidelity. My wife is both lovely to look at and more than I deserve. However, the real question for writing this piece is whatever happened to ‘modesty’?

In the decades of my life, I have seen female evolution from long dresses with long sleeves and high necklines to shorter and shorter skirts and lower and lower necklines. It appears that today, the less a girl is covered up, the more attention she brings to herself, whether welcomed or not.

We hear more and more these days of sexual assault and abuse. It seems incongruent that a woman that exposes much of her body with revealing clothing should feel indignant when men leer or grope. Dangling female charms in front of a virile male brings about advances that would not occur if women covered up their bodies more.

Today I read of an incident getting national attention in the sports world. The record setting rookie running back of the Dallas Cowboys professional football team was filmed riding on a parade float celebrating a winning season and playfully pulled at the scanty top of a female standing beside him. There was no reprisal from the female, who may well have enjoyed the attention from a sports star, but it seems that the football league is investigating it as a conduct issue that could result in a suspension of the player from games this year.

Modesty is defined as ”a behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.” If a woman is immodest, does she give sanction to unwarranted advances? I am particularly offended by female news reporters who sit in ultra-short skirts with legs crossed and revealing necklines before the TV cameras pandering to the male viewing audience. Yet these shows have the highest ratings. What does exposing female legs and bosoms have to do with serious news broadcasting?

In my humble opinion, declining morality is a pervasive sickness that forecasts the decline of our modern society.

Thank you for reading, considering and sharing…be blessed, Morris


As we begin to age, we should strive to become like ‘vintage wine’ which is greatly appreciated and highly sought after. I was very recently inspired to read of a hale and hearty 100-year-old man who was optimistic about his good years yet to come. He was quoted as saying, “The first 100 years are the hardest.”

If we live by God’s rules as outlined in the Bible, we should expect to be blessed with a life of 70 years. Yet these same texts are filled with the exploits of much older patriarchs. Moses, who thought that he had retired to a simple country life was re-called by God at age 80 to lead a new nation, defy a mighty king (Pharoah), and perform miracles.

“What you conceive, you can achieve” is a short phrase with a deep meaning. We must first create a new thought, idea or vision before action can occur. Upon this foundation, will arise the structure of our future. Now let’s get real. “We plan, God laughs” is another short phrase with deep meaning. Once one achieves the age of 70, each and every day is a blessing to be treasured. There are no guarantees for longevity. However, there are some inspiring ideas that have helped others on their path to becoming a Centenarian.

You are never too old to make a difference. Begin to prepare for life after 70. Defy your aches and pains. Eat smaller amounts of healthier foods, eliminate sugar and perform some physical work or exertion each day. Get daily rest and sunshine. Focus on your years of usefulness to come and plan for those years. “Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative’.

Remember, “Words are not actions”. Take the plunge and begin your new life of a respected elder statesman. Get up off the couch and make something happen. Increase your productivity by becoming involved in the real world around you, not just clicking ‘like’ on Facebook.

Do you have a vision of life after 80? Now is the time to plant the seeds that will slowly grow into your years to come. Prepare for a bountiful harvest and prevent a crop failure…Become more useful by serving others and you will enhance your longevity and happiness...Be blessed, Morris


I can remember when to ‘retire’ meant either to replace worn out treads on your vehicle, or going to bed for the night. In our more ‘modern’ society of today, ‘retirement’ means the end of one lifestyle and the beginning of another.

In the 1930s with the advent of Social Security under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the insurance actuaries set age 65 as the age of ‘retirement’ from work and the start of receiving a monthly check from the government retirement program pre-paid by worker wage withholdings. The same insurance analysts also calculated the average age death to be 70 years.

This vision of growing old and ‘retiring’ no doubt planted seeds that are still influencing lives today. The first two questions I must ask are, “What do we want to retire from and why”? If we love our work, arise each morning with anticipation of the day ahead, feel we are making a difference, have strong friendships with co-workers and we are appreciated for our skills and contributions, then…why ‘retire’?

If you dislike your work, hate to get up in the morning, feel used and underpaid, do not have close bonds with co-workers, and see no future for making any meaningful contributions, then ‘retirement’ is for you. The next question is, “What do you want to do with the rest of your life”?

One of my most favorite cartoons is a drawing of a very elderly man sitting at a table on which there is a birthday cake that says,” Happy 100th Birthday”. The man is saying, “If I had known I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself”. Some might consider that an oxymoron. The man had obviously lived to be age 100 years old seemingly without any special effort.

Longevity is not a guarantee. However, there is substantial evidence that a strong desire to arise each day for a worthwhile purpose could be more beneficial than strict diet and lifestyle. One can ignore the aches and pains of aging when engaged in some activity that helps others.

“Retirement” can be a blessing which enables you to re-evaluate where you have been and where you wish to go. It can mean the start of something you have only dreamed of doing. Dare now to “Dream the Impossible Dream” and begin the best years to come. Think ‘outside the box’. No idea is too crazy.

If you have wealth, then how can you put those resources to use helping others? If you need to earn income to meet your living expenses, think of starting your own business no matter how small by filling a niche (like outstanding homemade soup by the cup). If you are able to meet your living expenses without extra income, then share your knowledge freely with others and volunteer to help with any worthwhile project in your area.

DO NOT EVER RETIRE… that is the secret to a long and fruitful life.

Oh, How We Love to Eat!

I am probably not alone in struggling with how to control my sinful nature...The toughest sin I have to control is gluttony. As a food lover and former professional cook/chef, my nature is to over consume foods that appeal to my senses rather than foods I know in my heart are best for my body. However, even over consumption of healthy food is not necessary and is gluttony.

The truth is that most of us eat too much and live to eat rather than eat to live. A famous food scientist recently summed it up perfectly when he said that the cause of all illness can be traced to just three things - breakfast, lunch and supper. It saddens and alarms me when I hear friends tell of going to some doctor and receiving all kinds of pills and potions, testing and probing for health problems that are all diet related. It seems that most of us are willing to pay any price or subject ourselves to the most dangerous drugs and testing in order not to have to change anything about how we eat or think...Is that gluttony? Unfortunately, it is and most of us are guilty.

There are many factors that contribute to overeating. Probably the most common one is eating too much before going to bed at night. Most employed people and students dash off to be on time for work or classes without a nourishing first meal of the day. Snacking on junk or fast food holds them until the family convenes for a big supper. This is followed by some form of entertainment until bedtime.

Most are never taught the concept that the body can heal itself of most all illness if you give it a chance by eliminating the need for energy robbing digestion of solid /heavy food. Thus, body maintenance and repair should take place while we sleep and fast.

Our first meal to begin each day is the most important and needs be the most nutritious and long lasting. This first meal is named break-fast. The fast which should be 12 hours each day begins between our very light supper and break-fast.

This healthy eating routine including a light lunch will prolong your health and longevity. Thank you for reading, considering and sharing…be blessed, Morris


Do we really need health insurance? For those who pay their own premiums, health insurance takes a good bite out of income. Is there any alternative?

The truth is that buying health insurance is participating in a lottery. You expect to have illness and want prepaid conventional medical care to take responsibility for your illness and pay all the bills. This allows you to live for today and give tomorrow to the doctors.

If you stop paying for health insurance how much do you save? Including family? If you are in good health and practice maintaining that good health daily via diet and lifestyle, then what you need is just accident/disability insurance. Put the considerable premium savings into improving your diet and lifestyle and you will not need to rely on others taking care of you.


I recently shared a pdf file of an extraordinary book by Stephen Covey that requires skills in reading comprehension that are becoming lost in our fast-paced modern societies. Once again, I urge you to take the time to savor the message in Covey's book...the following is a short essay I wrote which seems applicable at this time:

“…..Imagination is funny, makes a cloudy day sunny, makes a bee think of honey…..”, taken from an old song lyric by Jimmy Smith.

Our brain requires 20-22% of the nutrients found in our bodies’ blood supply to function properly. A portion of our brain is devoted to automatically controlling various functions of our body, another portion is devoted to disseminating and storing information and a third portion is devoted to creative thought. There are other portions with other functions, however, since everything in our body is connected to each other in some way either electrically via the nervous system or nutritionally via the blood, the power of imagination or creative thought is being lost in our technologically advanced age of today.

Having been born before the dawn of TV, the exploration of books and the reading of the written word was my source for old, current and future information. We had a small room in our home devoted to book shelves filled with all kinds of books from encyclopedias to fiction. As a toddler, I remember fondly pulling out books and finding the pictures which gave me a clue or fanciful idea what the book was about. My curiosity was further fed with gifts of books for my age level, in addition to super hero comics in restricted amounts.

Like most boys, sports were a major interest, but more than anything else I loved trips to the area public library to explore more books than could possibly be read in many lifetimes. Unless you were attending a trade school, education in reading comprehension was implemented by a required list of books to be read and a report written about each.

Today we live in a ‘visual world’. The brain is usually not required to create a vision of the written word in a book. The fast pace, financial demands of ‘modern living’ and self-gratification cause most to seek “the bottom line” as quickly as possible then move on to the next stimulus. It requires a quiet time and place to slowly savor and digest the written word resulting in a stimulation of our imaginative/creative powers, which can aid in healing our bodies or making the world around us a better place.

Yes, ‘Imagination is funny’, but necessary to expand our mental capabilities. Find a nook and read a book. Be blessed, Morris

Are We Losing Our Minds?

There is a fierce battle which has been ongoing for many years to control what we see and read. ‘Back in the good old days’, this manipulation of information was called ‘propaganda’. In our present day, dis-information is called ‘fake news'.

Nowhere was fake news more recently evident, than during the recent election battle in the US. The power of words and the visual impact of a picture can have not only a momentary effect on our immediate consciousness, but also these bits of information (data), are programmed somewhere into the memory of our brain and linked with other bits of disinformation.

Fake news can be seen in the marketing and packaging of food products, which lure you with stimuli as well as what is offered to us by the media. Nowhere else do we see it more evident than the myriad of drug commercials on TV.

It takes patience to not just glance at the headlines or pictures and move on if you are a seeker of truth. I would like to share with you a recent story in one of the local newspapers here in Jamaica...

The headline was, “IF YOU ARE HEALTHY, THANK YOUR DOCTOR”. Reading past the headline was a description of the history and services provided by one of the local university hospitals/clinics/etc. You can guess that this was particularly offensive to me who advocates taking personal responsibility for ones’ health and not giving that away.

Each day as I read this newspaper, I could not wait for this piece of propaganda to run its’ weekly course and be gone. Finally, with a new week, came current information and ‘thank your doctor’ was gone, but lo and behold...

There was a new story about a very large amount of money awarded to a local lady by the court in a judgment against the very same university hospital for negligence in giving two separate blood transfusions of non-matching blood without proper pre-testing. This was not ‘fake news’.

Your body requires the special care only you can give it to maintain your personal health. Can we achieve ‘perfect health’ on our own? Here is the role model:

A health-conscious man from healthy long-lived parents, marries a woman with the same credentials as his. They both take great care about their diets and lifestyle and conceive a child. Knowing that the baby being formed inside the mother needed proper nutrition, more attention than ever was placed upon feeding the mother with nutritious food and maintaining physical tone.

This baby was then home birthed with a practiced mid-wife, breast fed only until enough teeth were evident to chew more solid food. This new person is the role model to build upon.. Education must then continue in order to learn how to grow and age healthfully. The news headlines should say, “EDUCATION NOT MEDICATION” and “LET YOUR MEDICINE BE YOUR FOOD AND YOUR FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE.


The management of another persons' property is a sacred trust. Our Earth and even our bodies were given, in stewardship, to us by God. They do not belong to us.

Sustainable agriculture concerns itself with good stewardship of the earth. The idea is to constantly improve and build soil fertility year after year so that we leave better soil to our grandchildren and succeeding generations. Our current civilization has not been good stewards of the soil or the Earth and since we all live downstream or downwind from someone else, all of us are affected when we or someone else poisons our earth.

Natural health concerns itself with good stewardship of our bodies, created in God's image, using methods in harmony with God and nature. Most people have not been good stewards of their bodies depending instead on giving the responsibility for their health maintenance to the business of medicine.

There is a direct connection between our health and the health of the soil. We need to become better stewards of both.


Since I was a small child, and even to this day, a rainbow holds me in awe. When I learned that a rainbow was composed of water vapor refracted by sunlight into the colors of the visible light spectrum, namely red, orange, yellow, green, blue, lavender and violet, I was more in awe than before.

The 7 colors mentioned above are not only beautiful to observe —they possess healing qualities. If we had to live in total darkness, we would not be very healthy. Sunlight is as important to us as it is to a blossoming plant. However, the colors of the rainbow have even more benefit than most realize.

On the rare occasions when Rose and I dine out, we always look at what other diners are eating. I am sure you do the same. But, have you ever realized that most dishes contain food which is brown and white in color. Recently, we attended a special event celebrating the birthday of a local young girl. Her family went to great effort and expense providing a sumptuous luncheon buffet replete with linen table settings and waiters. Upon perusing the food offered, we realized that it all was ‘brown and white’, except for the colored beverages. Yes, there was a tiny splash of color from a piece of lettuce and carrot tucked away in the corner of two of the serving dishes known as a ‘garnish’ but not really meant to be, eaten or a part of the food therein.

Vegetables and fruits to a lesser degree are vital to our health because of their color. Why is this? The color of a vegetable is determined by its mineral content. This is much like the pigment in paint. Therefore, different food colors provide us with a wide variety of different minerals. In my opinion and that of many more expert than I, is that minerals are more important than vitamins. Why so?

Our bodies are electrical in nature running on micro amperage and voltage. Just like the metal plates in a storage battery such as the one in your automobile are vital to transmit an electrical charge, the fluids in our body need minerals for the same purpose. When we do not have enough minerals, we run on ‘low voltage’ and can ‘burn out’ just like an electric motor.

So, give thanks and praise the Lord when you see a rainbow, but be sure to consume your own ‘rainbow of food’ every day and you will be blessed……Morris


Those that dine out on occasion know that once you have been handed a menu, the next words spoken by your server person is, "What do you want to drink?"

Having been in the restaurant business, I know that the most profitable items are the beverages both 'soft' and especially 'hard' drinks.

As a child, milk was the drink offered to wash down food, while now it is more likely sweet sodas, juices or something alcoholic.

Most people are never taught, as children, that digestion begins in the mouth not in the stomach. Salivary glands in our gums respond to the chewing action and secrete saliva which contains several digestive enzymes to begin the process of breaking down our food so that it can be utilized.

The stomach has no teeth and so food needs to be chewed to mush in our mouth before swallowing and if chewed enough, the juices generated are all we need to pass this mush from our mouth to our stomach to continue the digestive process.

Liquids while eating dilute or even inhibit the secretion of digestive juices, especially when they are very cold or hot…thus leading to indigestion and/or other problems so please heed this advice.

Blessings, Morris

Organic Gardening for the Beginner

You can learn to grow organic food with these easy steps to enrich your soil and to produce healthy plants. Build on your organic gardening skills with experience.

Continue reading "Organic Gardening for the Beginner"

Organic Agriculture and You

Organic agriculture or gardening is a chosen lifestyle which eliminates toxins and produces nutritional food for the health of the body and our planet.

Continue reading "Organic Agriculture and You"


Most of you are not old enough to remember before there was television. Some of you probably can remember before there were computers. Television brought in the new age of home entertainment and the emergence of the "couch potato", a person who spent much time on the sofa being entertained by the television.

Computers have brought in the new age of the "chair potato", a person who spends most of their time sitting. Desk jobs pay more than laborers but the bosses usually die before the workers, because they acquire illnesses derived from too much sitting.

Think about your personal routine. Do you go from the chair to the car and back to the chair spending more time sitting than walking and standing during the course of any twenty four hour period?

Ergonomics is the science of designing equipment to enhance a persons productivity without physical strain. The new trend in office design is the "stand up desk". We believe that you think better on your feet than on your rear and standing up at your keyboard will prolong your life and increase your vitality.

Sitting degrades the most important muscles of your lower extremities and causes contraction of your abdominal muscles over time so that standing and walking become a chore in a bent over posture.

THE SOLUTION: You do not have to buy or build a stand up desk to achieve better working conditions and better health. Below are pictures of how we used 2 plastic milk crates on top of each work station desk to raise up our keyboard and monitor enough to stand up. Taller folks will have to raise even higher, be creative. We have a high stool to occasionally sit and a regular office chair for writing.

Your "sitting potato muscles" will complain at first when you begin to stand up but they will gradually stretch and your leg muscles and gluteus muscles will strengthen. Better to stand without shoes to optimum balance and health.

Blessings, Morris


My immediate answer would be, “never enough”. I would also have to answer that question with a definite but qualified, resounding yes. Why the qualified, you ask? Because I have not yet fully mastered the complete continuous joy of letting go of all negative thought by giving my problems to God. There is great joy in my life at this moment but my heart wants more. There is virtually no stress in my life right now except that which is self imposed. Does that sound familiar to you? Rose and I are blessed beyond belief but we are not complacent.

My dear mother, Minna always would say in sort of a joking way that “she always had one leg out the door”. What my mother meant by this was that she was always ready and eager to go someplace. Minna had a fierce determination to experience all that life had to offer and she was always willing to give of herself in service to others. Like myself, I do not ever remember my mother needing an alarm clock to get up each morning. Do you awaken naturally each day with the joy, eagerness and anticipation of a young child about to start summer vacation?

Here’s what I have learned and perhaps you have already learned this too. The key to more love, joy and happiness is, attitude. What a difference can be created by changing our attitude. Sing to yourself the words of an old song which says, “…accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”. In other words, lift yourself up, don’t drag yourself down. Learn to view yourself with the eyes of someone looking at you. Are you someone who draws people to you or repels them? If you are devoted to serving the Lord and others, you have the right attitude.

Blessings, Morris


HEALING GOD'S TEMPLE, our free Natural Health Seminar is presented to churches and organizations. Here are some of the seminar highlights:

1. Your body is a precious gift given in your care by God to keep healthy so that you can better serve Him.

2. God does not intend for you to be sick and your body can heal itself of all illness if you give it a chance.

3. Be willing to accept responsibility for your illness and change unhealthy habits for health.

4. Attack the causes of your illness instead of treating the symptom.

5. There has never been a drug that has cured anything, they only relieve the symptom.

6. The three causes of most all illness are breakfast, lunch and supper.

7. Most all illness and death begin in our intestinal tract.

8. The stomach has no teeth so chew your food to mush before swallowing.

9. Remember the rainbow in order to eat a well balanced meal with lots of color from vegetables.

10 You are what your parents ate and your children will be what you eat, so eat healthy.

11.Drink at least one 8 ounce glass of purified water every hour between meals but do not drink with meals.

12.Stand and walk more than you sit throughout the day.

Oh, How We Love to Eat!

I am probably not alone in struggling with how to control my sinful nature...The toughest sin I have to control is gluttony. As a food lover and former professional cook/chef, my nature is to over consume on foods that appeal to my senses rather than foods I know in my heart are best for my body. However, even over consumption of healthy food is not necessary and is gluttony. The truth is that most of us eat too much and live to eat rather than eat to live. A famous food scientist recently summed it up perfectly when he said that the cause of all illness can be traced to just three things - breakfast, lunch and supper.

It saddens and alarms me when I hear friends tell of going to some doctor and receiving all kinds of pills and potions, testing and probing for health problems that are all diet related. It seems that most of us are willing to pay any price or subject ourselves to the most dangerous drugs and testing in order not to have to change anything about how we eat or think....Is that gluttony? Unfortunately, it is and most of us are guilty.

FROM THE GROUND…UP, A Commentary on Health and Sickness

Any structure that is made to endure must have a good foundation. So it is with our bodies too. We tend to take our feet for granted but our structure could not stand very long without strong, healthy feet.

My first formal medical training was as a foot surgeon or Podiatrist. After a basic training in the whole body, we zeroed in on the foot. It soon became very obvious to me that my lucrative practice of foot surgery was mostly a result of the fashion shoe industry. Almost from birth, children wear shoes that restrict the natural movement of the foot and toes. I know now that the closer to barefoot we can walk, the better our body balance will become and our overall health as well.

My second medical training was trying to learn why my father and grandfather had died of cancer when faced with the same problem myself. What I learned, which was not taught in medical school, was that cancer and all sickness is the result of the entire body being out of balance physically, chemically, nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually.

Most infant and childhood illness can be traced not only to what nutrients the fetus received in the mother’s womb but also to what was the basic health of the mother and father at conception which determined the quality of the genetic inheritance of the baby. Children are then fed the same diet as the parents, which may continue to weaken the health of each succeeding generation.

A return to simple basics of diet and lifestyle will reward you with health and longevity. Very tough times are on the horizon. Learn the skills needed now. Our Natural health and Survival Guide, “Setting Yourself Apart from the Seeds of Cancer” teaches you how to prepare for the health, food and economic crisis ahead.


The management of another persons' property is a sacred trust. Our Earth and even our bodies were given, in stewardship, to us by God. They do not belong to us.

Sustainable agriculture concerns itself with good stewardship of the earth. The idea is to constantly improve and build soil fertility year after year so that we leave better soil to our grandchildren and succeeding generations. Our current civilization has not been good stewards of the soil or the Earth and since we all live downstream or downwind from someone else, all of us are affected when we or someone else poisons our earth.

Natural health concerns itself with good stewardship of our bodies, created in God's image, using methods in harmony with God and nature. Most people have not been good stewards of their bodies depending instead on giving the responsibility for their health maintenance to the business of medicine.

There is a direct connection between our health and the health of the soil. We need to become better stewards of both.


Did you know that our bodies run on electricity? Think about your car battery. Would it work if the metal plates inside were removed? Of course not because the metal is needed to carry the charge of electricity.

If we had nothing to carry the electrical charge in our body, we would soon completely run down and die. But when our body is low on minerals, we cannot carry a full charge and we begin to run down and get sick, and like an electrical motor running on low voltage, soon burn out.

The minerals we need to keep us at full power come from vegetables and fruits. The color of the food is determined by its mineral content. Hence, red foods have different minerals than orange or green foods etc.

Have you ever noticed when you look at most peoples plate of food it is mostly brown and white? It lacks minerals.

Want to be healthy? Remember to design you meal like a rainbow with lots of color and minerals.

DOCTORS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHERS! – We Need to Educate Not Medicate

Once upon a time, probably before most of you were born, the educational degree of doctor meant that you had achieved enough knowledge to now become a teacher. Old time doctors of medicine taught you what to do for your ailment and it was your responsibility to follow through with his instruction. There was no cancer or many of the present day illnesses. “A dose of salts” meaning Epsom Salt, which relieved constipation as well as other ailments, was a popular remedy. Often the knowledge of local herbs was taught and eventually some medical doctors dispensed herbal remedies along with other advice. Diet was not considered a factor of health, except for the adverse effects of alcohol and tobacco.

Eventually, the medical doctors got in bed with the new drug companies and birthed “modern medicine” which devised a plethora of tests to substantiate their diagnosis and surgical/drug rational. The big money came when the insurance industry also got into bed with them and the goal became “womb to the tomb” health care.

With the advent of medical insurance, people pre-paid for their health care by first assuming they would need it and secondly being willing to give their responsibility for their health to doctors for which insurance paid the bill. This willingness to look to medical science as having all the answers - with complete surrender - has led us, now, to a compulsory health-care situation whether you asked for it or not. Only with adequate self-education will you realize that you still have a choice – a better choice. In my opinion, we would all live longer and save money by not buying into insurance and the medical industry propaganda.

We all know that in today’s society that the most important jobs get paid the least. Probably the most important is the garbage collector and the next one is the teacher. If doctors were instead teachers and taught us how to heal ourselves of illness, most of them and drug companies and hospitals would be out of business.

I used to be a licensed podiatrist and surgeon until I discovered the truth about the medical industry for myself. Having cured myself naturally of colon/pancreatic cancer – since my father and grandfather with the same cancer died soon after conventional treatment – I knew that I could no longer follow the protocols I was taught in medical school and I chose to become a teacher.

Make it a new day for you and your loved ones. Learn how to heal yourself of illness and maintain your health. Explore our website for the knowledge you need to accomplish good health.

REPLACEMENT THERAPY...How to Kick the Habit...by Rose Keller

I read an article today on line posted by the Alliance for Natural Health that got me thinking...as usual, lobbyists are asking citizens for their support to push their own agenda. They only educate you with enough information to create an urgent need for their concerns and products of interest with NO mention that there are other more natural and readily available alternatives. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that we as a society have been seeking substitutes for all our basic needs...some good, some not so good as we seek to find better solutions and fulfillment in our fast paced and busy lifestyles.

Here are some observations:

Some people use illegal drugs and/or alcohol for a “high” to replace the emptiness they feel or to cover up pain, anger and sorrow.

Some people use prescription drugs for a “high” to replace the emptiness they feel or to cover up pain, anger and sorrow...and to cope with symptoms of illness.

Some people use supplements instead of prescription drugs to cope with symptoms of illness and to achieve some improvement.

Some (or most) people eat a lot of so called “value added” processed, packaged and fast food to substitute for the leisurely, family, made from scratch, home-prepared meal...

We have replaced all of our physical, emotional and spiritual needs with substitutes for what is really needed...We are consumed with all kinds of distractions that keep us from discovering the truth about ourselves and the world we live in. “Replacement Therapy” doesn’t solve anything.

Truth be told, in my opinion, there really are NO substitutes for an intimate and loving relationship with God and the natural foods in the plant kingdom that He has provided for our nourishment. God is the ultimate Healer of mind, body and soul and REAL, whole food should be our medicine to keep us healthy.

Think about it!

Diet and lifestyle change has been proven to prevent and reverse all kinds of illness including, and especially, cancer. When you partner with God, His word teaches you how to cope with any life situation. Let Him bare your burdens and lift you up!

Blessings,Rose KellerCo-author: Setting Yourself Apart from the Seeds of Cancer – A Natural Health and Survival Guide

Nutrition expert says, OK to drink with a meal

I totally disagree with this so called “expert”. Drinking anything with a meal is harmful (except to the beverage industry) because it restricts digestion. Here's why. First of all remember that the stomach has no teeth. Digestion begins in the mouth not in the stomach. When we drink with a meal we dilute the digestive saliva of the mouth which comes from chewing properly. Chewing your food to mush before swallowing prepares it for the stomach enzymes to break it down further before passing it on to the small intestine where pancreatic enzymes are released. Water is the best beverage, yes, and should be drunk before or after a meal not with. What do you want to drink? That's the first question asked you after you receive a menu at a restaurant. Drinks are more profitable than food. Don't buy into it. Educate the server and look at the surprise on their face when you say, I do not drink with my meals because it dilutes my digestive juices.

Undigested animal protein, especially meat, which reaches the stomach not chewed to mush, is the precursor of most colon and pancreatic cancers. Also, gum chewing over stimulates the saliva glands in the mouth which in turn over stimulates the digestive enzymes in the stomach causing problems from over acidity when the food doesn’t actually arrive. Over time and with age, the body’s ability to produce digestive enzymes when food is present becomes strained resulting in improper digestion and other problems.

Controlling Weight Gain

If you are really sincere about weight loss and staying healthy, then go to a plant based, not an animal based diet. The weight will come off and you will prolong your life. Consider this:

1. Almost all poultry has been factory farmed using a growth additive that cuts maturity in half thus plumping up the chickens for market faster and this will not only put weight on you, but make you unhealthy.

2. The growth hormones in milk and dairy products are for baby cows not people. They will not only cause weight gain, constipation and mucous formation but also premature menstruation and breast development in young girls and are a precursor for breast cancer.

3. Two recent books speak to these issues and more and are a must read: "The China Study" and "Setting Yourself Apart From the Seeds of Cancer".