Dr. Morris F. Keller

Natural Health Teacher, Personal Coach and Researcher

Researching and teaching natural health methods have been my ongoing pursuit since leaving a successful medical/surgical practice in 1969.

June, 2018 to Present: Relocated Back to Belize where we are once again available to give presentations and to provide individual coaching on health and organic gardening.

April,2015 to June, 2018: Relocated to Kingston, Jamaica where our knowledge and experience is being warmly received...A fresh new start with more productive projects in the planning to benefit the people of Jamaica.

2006 to March,2015: Resettled in Belize, C.A., upon invitation, set up residence in the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout in order to teach natural healing, propagate organic gardening, encourage healthy diets and teach the ancient style of baking healthier bread as the “staff of life”. Envisioned and built a strong foundation for New Life Organic Farm Community in Duck Run 2, Belize.

2004-2006: Taught self-help techniques to individual students in Arkansas; sold handmade crafts at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market; made 3 trips with my wife, Rose, outside of the U.S. in search of a desirable location to live where people were in need of our knowledge and skills

1994-2004: Working partnership with Dharma Farma: organic orchards, gardens and greenhouse. Osage, Arkansas.

Member: Rural Mountain Producers’ Exchange for Fayetteville Farmers Market; Board of Directors 1997-‘02

Pres., Arkansas Certified Organic Inc. as of Feb.2002. Treasurer, ‘01; Sec.’02.

1990-1994: Founder of Serenity Farm Bread, Leslie, Arkansas-An ancient art of creating a life sustaining food...and yeast free which is important for a healthier diet.

1986-1990: Consultant in nutrition and researcher in vibrational- medicine at Leslie Medical Center, Leslie, Arkansas.

1983-1986: Chef, BonTon Restaurant, Mountain View, Arkansas. Arkansas Times Award: “Best Vegetarian”. Founder: Mountain View Natural Health Association.

1974-1983: Natural Health Teacher/Researcher; Natural Food Chef at an award- winning restaurants. N. Miami Beach & Hollywood, FL.

1974: Began natural healing research and self-help program based upon the Gerson Therapy.

1970: Student & practician of Dr. William Donald Kelley’s cancer protocols

1969: Diagnosed with colon/pancreatic cancer.

1963-1969: Medical /Surgical Podiatrist, Dallas, TX

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