Other Influences on Wellness

A state of wellness requires more than just self-administered techniques. It requires a mental change too!

The 3 major modifications - dietary changes, coffee enemas and select supplementation - will lead one to better health in most any lifestyle. However, the following are presented after many years of research, personal trial, feedback from others and much Bible study of God's truth.

1. A change in PERCEPTION means a different way of looking at things, such as, how do we see ourselves, and our purpose … the inner journey and our partnering with God? Forget about holding on to negative events of the past. Forgive yourself and others for not being perfect.

2. A shift in PRIORITIES should result after proper introspection and the seeking of God's Word. Ask yourself, "Am I willing to take control of my personal health by learning to make better choices or simply trust others with the choices they make for me? Is consuming all that life is about?"

3. In order to use our God given abilities to regain/maintain wellness we need to make and keep COMMITMENTS.

The above 3 influences are a lifetime pursuit and open to much discussion and reflection.

There is a current fancy medical term designed to impress called "psycho-neuro-immunology". Much is written and said about this brain/body link in healing and also about the spiritual side of healing… It is our mission to attempt to de-mystify all therapies and teach something simple. More insight on this subject can be found in our student manual

Further considerations that influence our wellness are:

• Consistent source of pure water and air/environment

• Fresh, chemical free food raised and prepared with love

• Daily physical exertion, such as rebounding, walking, yoga stretching

• Daily quiet time of at least 1 hour.

• Replacement of silver/mercury fillings, root canals, and metals in mouth.

• Recognizing toxic irritants in the home and workplace, such as air ducts, carpets, cleaners and waxes, molds and mildew, radon, lighting and harmful energy fields from high voltage power lines and electronic devices like TVs, cell phones, computers and microwave ovens....and limiting exposure.

• Changing to non-restrictive natural fiber clothing and under-clothing.

• There seems to be evidence that “sun staring” recharges our batteries. There is a specific, safe and proper way to do this that is explained in our manual.

Energy loss can be a major influence in the bodies loss of resistance and can be caused by many factors....Energy Regeneration is an area of great concern to us and something we have been researching for about 30 years....not only can we be devitalized by diet, candida, parasites and drugs but also our exposure to compatible or non compatible frequencies or energy fields can influence our wellness.

For the past 25 years we have been conducting our personal research by testing for electrical energy flow in 44 different pathways using the “Voll” method of “EAV” testing. In addition to addressing many other factors, some students benefit their health by receiving the compatible energies of one or more colors of the visible light spectrum. These specific energy fields are created using exclusive energy healing research equipment developed for us and are available to students in residence here in Kingston, Jamaica.

Proper Breathing is crucial to the vitality and functioning of our entire physical being.

Dry Skin Brushing aids in detoxification.

• Confusion about God and your own existence can be quite unsettling and can affect our state of wellness. Discovering for yourself that Jesus is your Lord and Savior will bring peace and healing into your life. Whatever your background or religious leanings, reading for the first time or revisiting an Old and New Testament may awaken something for you at a time when much healing is needed. Give it a try.

As you can see, many factors play a role in our state of wellness. One or more of these other influences may have a greater affect on your individual health. Together, we will evaluate what changes are the most critical for your personal well being.

Total compliance with all of these factors may seem nearly impossible but we can all continue to strive to do our best and to be our best and to influence those who have the greatest influence over us. Change begins with you, the consumer, and then it branches out to the decision makers who are looking to earn our vote or our dollar.....If everyone made themselves well, this world would be a different world, wouldn’t it?

and What about the Insurance factor?

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