A Skin Treatment of Importance: Dry Skin Brushing

What are the benefits of this kind of skin treatment?

Dry skin brushing is more typically associated with exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells. This kind of skin treatment helps improve skin texture and cell renewal...a matter of cosmetics for most people. The cosmetic industry also promotes the sale of natural bristle brushes to help tighten the skin, improve muscle tone and decrease the appearance of cellulite or fatty deposits.

More importantly, however, skin brushing plays a significant role in detoxification of the body. Here are some interesting facts:

• The Skin is the largest organ of the body

• The Skin is responsible for 25% of the body’s daily detoxification

• The Skin eliminates 2lbs. of waste acids daily

• The Skin receives 1/3 of all the blood circulating in the body

• The Skin will reveal problems related to blood toxicity

• The Skin is the last to receive nutrients in the body while the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency.

Since dry skin brushing increases the circulation to the skin, it encourages your body’s natural discharge of wastes especially aiding drainage of your lymphatic system whose job it is to remove toxins from the blood and other vital tissues.

Treating your skin in this way will also eliminate clogged pores and help your skin to absorb nutrients while aiding in proper excretion of metabolic wastes. Additionally, nerve endings in the skin also become stimulated and help to rejuvenate your nervous system. So, the benefits of dry skin brushing are more than just skin deep.

A daily skin treatment of dry skin brushing is a perfect addition to a healthy regimen for all self-help enthusiasts and I recommend this practice to all my students.

What is the best way to practice dry skin brushing?

You should only use a loofa (loofah or Luffa) sponge or a natural bristle brush, preferably one with a long handle and a detachable head with a hand strap. This will enable you to comfortably reach and work all areas of your body.

Get into the habit of brushing once a day prior to your bath or shower while your skin is dry and unclothed.

Always brush towards your heart starting with your feet first working upward and then from your hands towards your shoulders with long sweeping strokes. Move onto your torso while continuing to overlap your brush strokes several times in each area in the direction of your heart.

Skip over any broken or sensitive areas of your skin.

After dry brushing, you can further invigorate your skin and stimulate circulation by alternating hot and cold temperatures of water while rinsing in the shower. Add to this, towel drying yourself vigorously and you have completed your daily regimen.

Keep your brush clean and free of mildew by washing it with soapy water at least once a week and allowing it to dry thoroughly after rinsing in an airy, well lit area, preferably in the sun.

Persistence is the key to this program...

Only over a prolonged period of about a month will you experience its full benefits. I also highly suggest, as with any detoxification program, that if you are feeling ill, you can rid yourself of more toxins quicker by repeating this regimen twice a day, as well as increasing the number of coffee enemas you are taking.

A true healing and wellness program takes time and effort... Remember that you did not get the way you are overnight.

This skin treatment plays a small part in our overall health. Explore more with links on our Home page.