The Effects of Medical Insurance on Our Lives

Choose Self-Insurance over Medical Insurance:
Corporate America dictates our healthcare choices and perpetuates a society of dependency.

This topic could have been included in the list of Other Influences however, it warrants separate discussion….

In our present day socio-economic society, the insurance industry creates strong influences on our everyday lives. When you combine the fact that the Insurance, Banking, Chemical/Pharmaceutical, Agro-business and Medical industries (Corporate America) are all tied to each other by the money trail, one begins to wonder where personal integrity went.

The most well-meaning, AMA physician, with great personal integrity is a product of a system that is governed by money, greed and power. I know all this from my own personal experience... A license to “practice” a medical art in this country carries with it the stipulations that licensee agrees to “practice” this art according to the accepted standards. The Boards of Medical Licensure only accept one standard and that is whatever is currently taught in the schools funded by the Insurance, Banking, Chemical/Pharmaceutical and Agro-business industries. Should a licensed physician deviate from the norm, the license will be taken away. Should a trained physician endeavor to help sick people without a license, he/she might be arrested for breaking a law by “practicing” Medicine without a license...

I keep putting the word “practice” in quotes because that is exactly what happens to you as a constant laboratory animal in the industry of organized medicine.

We have surrendered most of our personal healthcare choices to a system that dictates what services it will pay for instead of what is best for the individuals’ well-being. Furthermore, we tend to seek immediate results that eliminate the symptoms but never the true cause of our illness, so we actually perpetuate the very industries that take our money but rarely make us feel better “naturally”. Instead, they have generated another dependency on the latest new pill or artificial fix.

When you purchase any kind of Medical Insurance or otherwise, you are participating in a lottery.

You feel that you are going to become “ill/sick” at some time and so you buy medical insurance. The insurance company hopes that it can collect lots of money from you and not have to pay out anything or much less than you paid in and it sets guidelines as to how much it will pay and for what. So let us say that you become ill/sick. Why did you pay all that money to the insurance company or HMO if you never intended to get something in return? Once you begin to use your insurance you are trapped in a money driven model of health.

We are all subject to a physical mishap along the path of life in the body. Do we buy auto insurance for maintenance? Most of us buy auto insurance for an accident when the car needs to be put back together or patched. Everyday maintenance of our bodies should be a personal responsibility taught early in life, and medical insurance should only be purchased for the traumatic accident or major crisis if at all. Self-insurance is much cheaper - being responsible for the choices you make and helping to maintain the amazing, self-healing creation that God has given you, namely your body.

Our present day society seems to say “life in this body at all costs”.

The Medical/Industrial Complex keeps devising drugs and procedures to prolong life in the body. Are we creating a generation of weak people kept alive by drugs, implants and artificial means? What ever happened to “survival of the fittest”? God has provided us with our very own maintenance manual - all we need do is to follow it and He will do the rest.

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