Setting Yourself Apart from the

Seeds of Cancer

A Natural Health and Survival Guide

Table of Contents

(Revised Edition November, 2012)

Acknowledgments x

Preface xii

Introduction: My Victory Over Cancer 1

Chapter One: How Our Body Works 26

The Cell 28

Our Framework or Skeletal System 31

Cartilage, Ligaments, Muscles and Tendons 33

Circulation 34

Lymphatic System 36

Nervous System 38

Organs and Glands 40

Chapter Two: Why We Get Sick 47

A Chemical Imbalance 48

A Nutritional Imbalance 59

A Physical Imbalance 61

An Emotional Imbalance 63

A Spiritual Imbalance 67

Chapter Three: How We Can Heal Naturally 71

The Reality of Faith Healing 71

Preparation for a Natural Healing 74

Intensive Cleansing 81

Cleansing the colon 86

Cleansing Other Organs 95

    The Gallbladder and Liver 96

    Kidneys 98

    Lungs 99

    Skin 104

Chapter Four: What is a Healthy Diet? 108

Discovering and creating better resources for food 112

Where does our food come from? 113

What Are the Benefits of Eating Fresh Food? 116

What is the Harm in Eating Processed Food? 120

pH : A Vital Key to Health 123

What’s so great about wheatgrass? 132

What a mother eats determines ... 135

What is meant by food combining? 137

To Eat or Not To Eat, This is the Question? 139

Genetically Modified Food - A Help or a Hindrance? 147

Chapter Five: Healthy Food Preparation – Tips from a Chef 156

Kitchen Utensils 157

Stocking the larder 158

Patterns of Eating 160

Healthful Meals – Twelve Hints 165

Changing Our Diet 170

Chapter Six: How to Eliminate Stress 179

Exercise, Use it or Lose it 179

Learning to Cope Financially 185

Chapter Seven: Agriculture, Ecology and You 195

Chapter Eight: Ideas We Simply Overlook 213

The Insurance Factor 227

Your Personal Remedy for Health 229

Bathing in a Rainbow of Healing Energy 235

Native Medicinal Plants and Healers 239

Chapter Nine: Bringing It Altogether 242

Who are the Mennonites 254

Life in Spanish Lookout 256

Transformation in Belize 257


Appendix A: How to Make an Enema Canister 267

Appendix B: Instructions on taking an Enema 274

Appendix C: Basic Supplements and Supplies 276

Appendix D: Recommended Fruits & Vegetables for Juicing 278

Appendix E: Starting a 7-Day Intensive Cleanse 280

Appendix F: 7-Day Intensive Schedule 282

Appendix G: Concluding the Seven-Day Intensive Cleanse 284

Appendix H: Personal Weekly Health Progress Record 290

Appendix I: How to Apply Urine Therapy 292

Appendix J: Getting Down to Basics on How to Survive...

Who Knows What? 295

Questions for Study 298

Bibliography 302

Index 305

About the Authors 310

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