Enrollment Terms: NHRA Student Agreement, Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

When you enroll in a course of education and research as a student with Natural Healing Research Associates you are taking personal responsibility for your own health and are advised to consider the medical advice of a professional before starting any self-help program. Any methods taught by Dr. Morris F. Keller or any other Natural Healing Research Associate should not to be considered as medical advice or service. We make no claim for cure or relief of any symptom or medical condition when using any of these methods or recommended products.

I, hereby acknowledge that should I be accepted as a student of self-help techniques offered to me by Dr. Morris Keller of Natural Healing Research Associates, that I am taking personal responsibility for my own health and the results of my health choices. As a student, I understand that I will keep a weekly health diary and share data with Natural Healing Research Associates and my personal physician if I desire to do so.

I understand that the “privacy policy” of Natural Healing Research Associates is to use the information that I provide them solely for consultation and teaching purposes and it will not be shared with any other person, business, or organization without my consent. Furthermore, I agree not to reproduce or distribute any printed information provided to me by Natural Healing Research Associates unless with written authorization.

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