“Education, not medication” is my motto. Daily, I read news items online that I find to be false and/or misleading. Occasionally, some articles are actually insightful and encouraging - leading one towards a healthful lifestyle. But, all too often, something is missing. So, what we read in the news is mostly half-truths that don’t tell the whole story. This blog will hopefully provide you with some of those missing pieces – my insights, based on a lifetime of education and discovery.

Postings by Dr. Morris F. Keller

Cancer Prevention Lifestyle is Featured in this Health and Survival Guide

New health and survival guide reveals proven lifestyle for cancer prevention. Illness is the body out of balance. With faith, healthier choices and proven techniques, your body can heal naturally.

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Learn Self-Help Natural Cleansing & HealingTechniques

Our Self-Help Healthcare program of natural proven protocols and the love of God can eliminate the cause of your cancer or illness thru detoxification by special colon cleansing and natural remedies.

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Retreat, Relax, Relearn

Natural Health Awareness and Learning Retreats are now being offered at select resorts in Jamaica, the "Pearl of the Caribbean".

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Organic Gardening for the Beginner

You can learn to grow organic food with these easy steps to enrich your soil and to produce healthy plants. Build on your organic gardening skills with experience.

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Organic Agriculture and You

Organic agriculture or gardening is a chosen lifestyle which eliminates toxins and produces nutritional food for the health of the body and our planet.

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Most of you are not old enough to remember before there was television. Some of you probably can remember before there were computers. Television brought in the new age of home entertainment and the emergence of the "couch potato", a person who spent much time on the sofa being entertained by the television.

Computers have brought in the new age of the "chair potato", a person who spends most of their time sitting. Desk jobs pay more than laborers but the bosses usually die before the workers, because they acquire illnesses derived from too much sitting.

Think about your personal routine. Do you go from the chair to the car and back to the chair spending more time sitting than walking and standing during the course of any twenty four hour period?

Ergonomics is the science of designing equipment to enhance a persons productivity without physical strain. The new trend in office design is the "stand up desk". We believe that you think better on your feet than on your rear and standing up at your keyboard will prolong your life and increase your vitality.

Sitting degrades the most important muscles of your lower extremities and causes contraction of your abdominal muscles over time so that standing and walking become a chore in a bent over posture.

THE SOLUTION: You do not have to buy or build a stand up desk to achieve better working conditions and better health. Below are pictures of how we used 2 plastic milk crates on top of each work station desk to raise up our keyboard and monitor enough to stand up. Taller folks will have to raise even higher, be creative. We have a high stool to occasionally sit and a regular office chair for writing.

Your "sitting potato muscles" will complain at first when you begin to stand up but they will gradually stretch and your leg muscles and gluteus muscles will strengthen. Better to stand without shoes to optimum balance and health.

Blessings, Morris


My immediate answer would be, “never enough”. I would also have to answer that question with a definite but qualified, resounding yes. Why the qualified, you ask? Because I have not yet fully mastered the complete continuous joy of letting go of all negative thought by giving my problems to God. There is great joy in my life at this moment but my heart wants more. There is virtually no stress in my life right now except that which is self imposed. Does that sound familiar to you? Rose and I are blessed beyond belief but we are not complacent.

My dear mother, Minna always would say in sort of a joking way that “she always had one leg out the door”. What my mother meant by this was that she was always ready and eager to go someplace. Minna had a fierce determination to experience all that life had to offer and she was always willing to give of herself in service to others. Like myself, I do not ever remember my mother needing an alarm clock to get up each morning. Do you awaken naturally each day with the joy, eagerness and anticipation of a young child about to start summer vacation?

Here’s what I have learned and perhaps you have already learned this too. The key to more love, joy and happiness is, attitude. What a difference can be created by changing our attitude. Sing to yourself the words of an old song which says, “…accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”. In other words, lift yourself up, don’t drag yourself down. Learn to view yourself with the eyes of someone looking at you. Are you someone who draws people to you or repels them? If you are devoted to serving the Lord and others, you have the right attitude.

Blessings, Morris


HEALING GOD'S TEMPLE, our free Natural Health Seminar is presented to churches and organizations. Here are some of the seminar highlights:

1. Your body is a precious gift given in your care by God to keep healthy so that you can better serve Him.

2. God does not intend for you to be sick and your body can heal itself of all illness if you give it a chance.

3. Be willing to accept responsibility for your illness and change unhealthy habits for health.

4. Attack the causes of your illness instead of treating the symptom.

5. There has never been a drug that has cured anything, they only relieve the symptom.

6. The three causes of most all illness are breakfast, lunch and supper.

7. Most all illness and death begin in our intestinal tract.

8. The stomach has no teeth so chew your food to mush before swallowing.

9. Remember the rainbow in order to eat a well balanced meal with lots of color from vegetables.

10 You are what your parents ate and your children will be what you eat, so eat healthy.

11.Drink at least one 8 ounce glass of purified water every hour between meals but do not drink with meals.

12.Stand and walk more than you sit throughout the day.

Oh, How We Love to Eat!

I am probably not alone in struggling with how to control my sinful nature...The toughest sin I have to control is gluttony. As a food lover and former professional cook/chef, my nature is to over consume on foods that appeal to my senses rather than foods I know in my heart are best for my body. However, even over consumption of healthy food is not necessary and is gluttony. The truth is that most of us eat too much and live to eat rather than eat to live. A famous food scientist recently summed it up perfectly when he said that the cause of all illness can be traced to just three things - breakfast, lunch and supper.

It saddens and alarms me when I hear friends tell of going to some doctor and receiving all kinds of pills and potions, testing and probing for health problems that are all diet related. It seems that most of us are willing to pay any price or subject ourselves to the most dangerous drugs and testing in order not to have to change anything about how we eat or think....Is that gluttony? Unfortunately, it is and most of us are guilty.

DOCTORS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHERS! – We Need to Educate Not Medicate

Once upon a time, probably before most of you were born, the educational degree of doctor meant that you had achieved enough knowledge to now become a teacher. Old time doctors of medicine taught you what to do for your ailment and it was your responsibility to follow through with his instruction. There was no cancer or many of the present day illnesses. “A dose of salts” meaning Epsom Salt, which relieved constipation as well as other ailments, was a popular remedy. Often the knowledge of local herbs was taught and eventually some medical doctors dispensed herbal remedies along with other advice. Diet was not considered a factor of health, except for the adverse effects of alcohol and tobacco.

Eventually, the medical doctors got in bed with the new drug companies and birthed “modern medicine” which devised a plethora of tests to substantiate their diagnosis and surgical/drug rational. The big money came when the insurance industry also got into bed with them and the goal became “womb to the tomb” health care.

With the advent of medical insurance, people pre-paid for their health care by first assuming they would need it and secondly being willing to give their responsibility for their health to doctors for which insurance paid the bill. This willingness to look to medical science as having all the answers - with complete surrender - has led us, now, to a compulsory health-care situation whether you asked for it or not. Only with adequate self-education will you realize that you still have a choice – a better choice. In my opinion, we would all live longer and save money by not buying into insurance and the medical industry propaganda.

We all know that in today’s society that the most important jobs get paid the least. Probably the most important is the garbage collector and the next one is the teacher. If doctors were instead teachers and taught us how to heal ourselves of illness, most of them and drug companies and hospitals would be out of business.

I used to be a licensed podiatrist and surgeon until I discovered the truth about the medical industry for myself. Having cured myself naturally of colon/pancreatic cancer – since my father and grandfather with the same cancer died soon after conventional treatment – I knew that I could no longer follow the protocols I was taught in medical school and I chose to become a teacher.

Make it a new day for you and your loved ones. Learn how to heal yourself of illness and maintain your health. Explore our website for the knowledge you need to accomplish good health.

REPLACEMENT THERAPY...How to Kick the Habit...by Rose Keller

I read an article today on line posted by the Alliance for Natural Health that got me thinking...as usual, lobbyists are asking citizens for their support to push their own agenda. They only educate you with enough information to create an urgent need for their concerns and products of interest with NO mention that there are other more natural and readily available alternatives. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that we as a society have been seeking substitutes for all our basic needs...some good, some not so good as we seek to find better solutions and fulfillment in our fast paced and busy lifestyles.

Here are some observations:

Some people use illegal drugs and/or alcohol for a “high” to replace the emptiness they feel or to cover up pain, anger and sorrow.

Some people use prescription drugs for a “high” to replace the emptiness they feel or to cover up pain, anger and sorrow...and to cope with symptoms of illness.

Some people use supplements instead of prescription drugs to cope with symptoms of illness and to achieve some improvement.

Some (or most) people eat a lot of so called “value added” processed, packaged and fast food to substitute for the leisurely, family, made from scratch, home-prepared meal...

We have replaced all of our physical, emotional and spiritual needs with substitutes for what is really needed...We are consumed with all kinds of distractions that keep us from discovering the truth about ourselves and the world we live in. “Replacement Therapy” doesn’t solve anything.

Truth be told, in my opinion, there really are NO substitutes for an intimate and loving relationship with God and the natural foods in the plant kingdom that He has provided for our nourishment. God is the ultimate Healer of mind, body and soul and REAL, whole food should be our medicine to keep us healthy.

Think about it!

Diet and lifestyle change has been proven to prevent and reverse all kinds of illness including, and especially, cancer. When you partner with God, His word teaches you how to cope with any life situation. Let Him bare your burdens and lift you up!

Blessings,Rose KellerCo-author: Setting Yourself Apart from the Seeds of Cancer – A Natural Health and Survival Guide

FROM THE GROUND…UP, A Commentary on Health and Sickness

Any structure that is made to endure must have a good foundation. So it is with our bodies too. We tend to take our feet for granted but our structure could not stand very long without strong, healthy feet.

My first formal medical training was as a foot surgeon or Podiatrist. After a basic training in the whole body, we zeroed in on the foot. It soon became very obvious to me that my lucrative practice of foot surgery was mostly a result of the fashion shoe industry. Almost from birth, children wear shoes that restrict the natural movement of the foot and toes. I know now that the closer to barefoot we can walk, the better our body balance will become and our overall health as well.

My second medical training was trying to learn why my father and grandfather had died of cancer when faced with the same problem myself. What I learned, which was not taught in medical school, was that cancer and all sickness is the result of the entire body being out of balance physically, chemically, nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually.

Most infant and childhood illness can be traced not only to what nutrients the fetus received in the mother’s womb but also to what was the basic health of the mother and father at conception which determined the quality of the genetic inheritance of the baby. Children are then fed the same diet as the parents, which may continue to weaken the health of each succeeding generation.

A return to simple basics of diet and lifestyle will reward you with health and longevity. Very tough times are on the horizon. Learn the skills needed now. Our Natural health and Survival Guide, “Setting Yourself Apart from the Seeds of Cancer” teaches you how to prepare for the health, food and economic crisis ahead.


Did you know that our bodies run on electricity? Think about your car battery. Would it work if the metal plates inside were removed? Of course not because the metal is needed to carry the charge of electricity.

If we had nothing to carry the electrical charge in our body, we would soon completely run down and die. But when our body is low on minerals, we cannot carry a full charge and we begin to run down and get sick, and like an electrical motor running on low voltage, soon burn out.

The minerals we need to keep us at full power come from vegetables and fruits. The color of the food is determined by its mineral content. Hence, red foods have different minerals than orange or green foods etc.

Have you ever noticed when you look at most peoples plate of food it is mostly brown and white? It lacks minerals.

Want to be healthy? Remember to design you meal like a rainbow with lots of color and minerals.


The management of another persons' property is a sacred trust. Our Earth and even our bodies were given, in stewardship, to us by God. They do not belong to us.

Sustainable agriculture concerns itself with good stewardship of the earth. The idea is to constantly improve and build soil fertility year after year so that we leave better soil to our grandchildren and succeeding generations. Our current civilization has not been good stewards of the soil or the Earth and since we all live downstream or downwind from someone else, all of us are affected when we or someone else poisons our earth.

Natural health concerns itself with good stewardship of our bodies, created in God's image, using methods in harmony with God and nature. Most people have not been good stewards of their bodies depending instead on giving the responsibility for their health maintenance to the business of medicine.

There is a direct connection between our health and the health of the soil. We need to become better stewards of both.

Life-Support: A Critical Matter of Oxygen

Oxygen is our primary life-support. Low levels disrupt the body's ability to function correctly. As our air becomes depleted from pollution, we need to maintain and increase our sources of oxygen.

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